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Founded in 2006 by passionate experts and travel lovers, Viet Vision Travel & Trading JSC is one of the leading Vietnam tour operators, with many years of experience to run the tourism business for overseas tourists traveling to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, & many countries of Asia.

Launch the Hanoi Local Tour, with more than 18 years’ experience in the tourism industry, we are confident to tell our customers that we are not the biggest but the most reliable Hanoi Local Tour travel agency. Hanoi Local Tour promises to bring you unique & authentic experiences in your vacation. Besides offering package tours like many other operators, our specialists, with creativity and knowledge of destinations, adapt to a flexible itinerary of your own and are always willing to give you the best advice for your Hanoi tours.

From Left to Right: Mrs. Hana Nguyen (Managing Director) – Mr. Henry Le (Founder & President)

“Throughout 18 years of Viet Vision Travel and Hanoi Local Tour, we always focus on delivering true values to our clients. We understand our customers expect the best in each moment during their trips so we seriously challenge ourselves with the goal to bring experiences beyond the expectations of our customers, each and every time when they travel to the countries we operate in. Hanoi Local Tour does not limit our development and success in the region. “Power Up” is our ultimate aim in the future.”

Meet Our Team!


Le Xuan Huong Chu tich HDQT

Mr. Henry Le

Chairman of the Board

Nguyen Thi Thu Ha CEO

Mrs. Hana Nguyen

Chief Executive Officer

Duong Hong Phuong PGD Kinh doanh

Mrs. Jeanny Duong

Vice Chief Executive Officer &
Director of Sales of International Travel Market

Le Thuy Thanh PGD Tai Chinh

Mrs. Thuy Thanh Le

Vice Director of Finance

Nguyen Trung Thu Giam Doc Kinh doanh

Mrs. Trung Thu Nguyen

Director of Sales of Domestic Travel Market

Our Vision – Mission – Core Values



Our vision is to create a chain of value-added supply, establishing strong Vietnamese brands that affirm the vision of a prosperous future for the community.



Build an ideal working environment with a staff of positive attitudes, where each individual can develop their full potential and strengths in their work.

Be dedicated and always ready to meet the most difficult and detailed requests from customers, bringing them joy and satisfaction.

Support the community by creating jobs for locals and helping them sell their products to tourists.

Bring the real wealth to Shareholders, the Board of Directors, and Employees who have made great and dedicated contributions to the company



Why Travel with Hanoi Local TouR

Hanoi Local Tour carries out the mission to bring authenticity and uniqueness to our beloved clients. We love to share our value to every discerning traveler all around the world.

We are Passionate about Travel

Our burning passion of Hanoi Local Tour is to travel. We love traveling; we love our stunning destinations and we would like to show the best of our countries to the world.

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We Exceed Expectations

Customer experience is the most important part of everything that we do. Every decision made is based on getting that experience right, sure that it is as perfect as can possibly be.

We Dare to Innovate & be Unique

Our burning passion of Hanoi Local Tour is to travel. We love traveling; we love our stunning destinations and we would like to show the best of our countries to the world.

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We Kindly Share Our Knowledge

We live & breathe our destinations, with Hanoi Local Tour, the knowledge we have of our country is mind-boggling. Share that knowledge with our staff, our beloved clients & the rest of the world is core to our success.

We Aim to be Responsible

Respect ourselves, our company, and our world. Every day we do our best to not waste either time or resources and whenever possible try to actively improve the world that we live in.

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We are a Reliable Tour Operator

We expect to be the best version just because our clients deserve nothing but the best. We do this through continuous improvement in everything we do, we learn, we grow & keep improving ourselves in search of excellence.

What Hanoi local Tour Can Do for You

We understand what you really need in your holiday packages in Vietnam, from spending time to relax or reconnect with family and friends to delve completely into the new places. We change every day to find the best version of ours beyond customers’ expectations. Hanoi Local Tour team always works with all the heart to provide you the unforgettable experiences!

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