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Hanoi Food Tours

Hanoi’s cuisine has never been disappointed any tourists’ taste, it has been known to enchant thousands of foodies around the world. Step off the beaten track and go through the amazing Hanoi Vietnam Tours to seek the best authentic food, which can make your mouth water just by the look! Obviously, Hanoi food tour is no longer a simple tour with experience of food, it becomes the destination where the food lovers meet each other. As it would be difficult to find a great local food stall by yourself in the small alleys hidden in every corner of Hanoi, there is nothing better than our Hanoi Food Tour for the deep knowledge and experience in Hanoi’s cuisine.

We know that the shortest way to one's heart is the way through their stomach. Understand Vietnamese culture & cuisine, so we know that an integral and equally essential ingredient to every dish is the connection, the shared stories, the exchanged ideas and the connection with the culture that can improve travelers’ experience exploration of Vietnam and its diverse nature and origin. Hanoi Local Tour would like to provide you an exciting experience on a cooking demonstration and afternoon tea talking with locals.

Hanoi annually welcomes a huge volume of tourists visiting here with not its centuries-old architecture, but also it is special culinary involved in Vietnamese cuisine. Besides exploring every tourist destinations in the capital, participating in a cooking class seems to be the best thing to learn about valuable fresh ingredients as well as Vietnamese gastronomy.

A desire to leave the strong impress on clients’ mind, Hanoi local tour has worked hard to give you the flawless products. Receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from tourists, we redesign and now give you this bicycle street-food tour as a great experience on Vietnam’s healthy street food culture and home-cooked meals. Get started with us!

Hanoi Sightseeing & Walking Tours

A Glance of Local Life – Half Day

Experiencing the mesmerizing Hanoi day tour at local markets will give you a completely different look at the city. Walkthrough “train streets” to see hidden beauty amidst the hectic city life.

Top 5 Best Street Food Should Try in Hanoi & Essential Guides

Plan for a vacation in Hanoi has not been completed without turning up the favorite food of the young in Hanoi! Hanoi has been known as the food paradise, visitors can try out the scrumptious food not only in the deluxe restaurant but also in the vendor eateries which stay a lot along Hanoi streets. Hereunder is our researches and sharing about what food and top 5 must-try restaurants you should not miss when traveling in Hanoi.

Special Dishes Food in Hanoi

If finding good food in Hanoi is not easy, do not worry, check immediately this list of the best food we pick in Hanoi for not regretting!

Bun Cha Hanoi

Bun Cha is one of the best Northern Vietnamese food that quickly became the favorite one. The Bun Cha Sauce is made of the renowned Vietnamese fish sauce which is combined with vinegar, sugar, garlic, lime, and chili. Come and try this delicious food!

Cha Ca

Cha Ca is one of the specialties of Hanoi people and a must-eat in Hanoi. Most of the tourists who have tried these dishes, they loved this dish a lot and can it’s a Hanoi Food worth flying for. Come and try it at least one time in life.

Nem Nuong

Nem nuong, literally grilled sausage, is the Vietnamese grilled pork sausage or meatball. The dish is served with rice noodles or rice as the main course. Hanoi stands many places to get this delicious food, come and try it!

Banh Mi

Do not try hard to find a brand name selling Banh Mi, we can easily feed our hungry in every corner of Hanoi. Surely, Banh Mi is sold in many bakeries or vendors in front of big universities, and so forth. It just costs $1-2 to get one!

Che (Sweet Dessert Soup)

Che is no longer a Vietnamese dessert, it now becomes a favorite dish as snacks that you should try it prior when visiting Hanoi. Che can be served either hot or cold, and it has a wide range of ingredients to make a savory dish. Tourists can find Che whenever in Hanoi at a very cheap price.

Unique Street Style at Night in Hanoi

There is doubtless that food is on the top concern of visitors at any Hanoi Tours, actually, they always notice to the constant presence of edible stuff on their strolls around Hanoi and especially in Hanoi Old Quarter. Street-side meat, bicycles full with fruit and vegetables, simmering pots of stock on doorsteps, tipping teapots, sacks overflowing with food,… the streets are fulfilled by food.
Especially, the food streets are more bustling when the night falls. Along the streets, especially the ground market area or around the universities, we catch many eatery vendors. In these places, there are no luxurious table and chairs covered by white coverlet, it’s the array of plastic chairs used as the function of both tables and chairs. Just 8:00 pm, we cannot find the vacant seat as it’s covered by many groups of young people coming here to meet & chat.

Top 5 Restaurants Must Try in Hanoi

Most of the tourists traveling to Vietnam, especially for the first time, finding a suitable restaurant is quite difficult, Hanoi Local Tour team suggests visitors top 5 restaurants which have been highly recommended by gourmet and they are definitely the Vietnamese-style restaurant, bringing Asian cuisine style. Hereunder is top 5 restaurants you should try:

Cuisine Viet Restaurant

It’s a typical Vietnamese-style restaurant with savory food, professional staffs, and its menu include some dishes which suitable for vegetarians.
Address : 80 Ma May, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Poke Hanoi

The restaurant is highly recommended by the Hanoians for Japanese, USA foods. The price falls on the range from 140,000 – 210,000 VND.
Address : 11B Hang Khay, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

JW Café

The restaurant serves Japanese, Korean dishes, and some typical Asian foods. It also offers a variety of dish for vegetarians. Besides, JW has been famous for a series of drinks and the services quite good.
Address : 8 Do Duc Duc JW Marriott Hanoi, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi

Essence Restaurant

This restaurant brings visitors the elite of Vietnam cuisine with the myriad of traditional dishes, space has been specially decorated in Asian style. The menu consists of dishes for vegetarians.
Address: 22 Ta Hien Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Home Moc Restaurant

It’s definitely a typical Vietnamese traditional restaurant in Hanoi with romantic space and nice decoration. Visit Home Moc and find the Vietnamese taste.
Address: 31 Van Ho, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi