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Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips from Hanoi

Hanoi – Halong Bay Tours offers tourists the perfect chance to explore a variety of attractive spots in the ancient capital as well as the majestic landscapes of Halong Bay. Visit both the popular sites in Hanoi and the external beauty of Halong Bay bring tourists a glimpse of these destinations. Let us be your guide to discover the two splendid spots in your Hanoi Tours.

Be the next part of the Combo tour from Hanoi within 6 days will bring you the most exciting experience from mountainous areas to the ocean. Indulge in the off-beaten-track of Pu Luong Nature Reserve, which seems like the hard trek through rice terraces, remote villages, savor the beauty of the first Vietnamese capital in Ninh Binh, and experience on the deluxe cruise in Halong Bay. Within 6 days, the exciting trip in North Vietnam will definitely bring you a myriad of joyful experiences in splendid places.

Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips from Hanoi

Exceptional Sapa – Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi – 6 Days

Running away from the bustling Hanoi capital, take a longer excursion at a relaxed pace with the exceptional Sapa tour from Hanoi. Pick this tour to explore the secrets of Sapa, Halong, and some hidden places inside. The worthwhile six-day trip on one of our traditional ones offers the highest quality deluxe and comfort as you enjoy the wonderful sceneries. Travel with Hanoi Local Tour and have a once in a lifetime experience.

Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Halong Bay – Nam Dinh Pilgrimage – 5 Days

Promise to bring you unforgettable experiences when you try our service. Immersing in an ancient Hanoi with the streets having a long history, culture from ancient times expressed through many unique architectural works. Another destination is Halong Bay recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of the world by its beauty and ecological values. This day tour from Hanoi gives you the opportunity to delve into the place with the beautiful churches, which is Nam Dinh province. Especially the chance to visit Hai Ly ruined church, the most special highlight of the journey for those who love freedom travel, famous for its pristine beauty.

Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips from Hanoi

Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi With Overnight Cruise – 5 Days

On the same journey, we deliver tourists other chances to visit the scenic beauty in Northern Vietnam, Halong Bay. Halong Bay is likened with the image of flying dragon, appealing the huge volume of tourists coming here annually. The journey does not stop here, we have the chance to delve into the majesty of Cat Ba island, one of the hot spot at any time of the year. Hanoi Local Tour offers you the chance to experience on the deluxe cruise ship while enjoying the seductive sceneries on the tour.

Spend your time relaxing on this Hanoi Halong Bay tour within 4 days, feel the serenity around when you cruise along to Halong Bay. Travel to untouched areas in Cat Ba National Park and kayak in your spare time. Experience the most comfortable accommodations along with the daily breakfast and a roundtrip airport transfer. Free inquiry now to create the best preparation for your day trip from Hanoi.

On this day trip from Hanoi, you have the opportunity to discover the most famous scenic spots in the north: seductive Sapa and World Natural Heritage Halong Bay. If Ha Long is likened to the scenery of an ancient world petrified with many shapes that make people image Vietnamese folk figures, then Sapa is the place to blend the outstanding values of people and nature with the majestic mountain scenery mixed with human values created by ethnic minorities.

An overnight tour from Hanoi on Ha Long Bay on luxury cruise ships as a 5-star hotel with many luxurious rooms passing the most famous and attractive landmarks: Sung Sot cave - one of the most wonderful caves in Halong Bay and through Ba Hang fishing village, dog island and more. In addition, visitors can enjoy the most perfect services, enjoy delicious meals, relax with fitness, relax watching sunrise and sunset at sea ...

Hanoi 3-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Halong Bay Tour – 3 Days

Located in Quang Ninh Province in the Gulf of Tonkin, Halong Bay “the bay of Descending Dragon” with more than 1,500 km2 has been recognized by UNESCO as a World Natural Heritage site with popular values of landscape, geology, and geomorphology, respectively in 1994 and 2000. You should travel to Ha Long once in your life on your Hanoi day tours as natural landscapes are created in a very splendid natural way along with points such as a cruise around Ha Long Bay.

Things to Do & Travel Guide in Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips

Halong Bay is known as the most attractive sceneries in Vietnam and includes a variety of amazing limestone islands which are recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. These series of islands are also home to renowned caves where you can go spelunking and even get stuck in the crowded Halong Bay in the high season. Our Hanoi Local Tour team brings tourists a chance to gain insights into Halong Bay tours & day trips by food and splendid view.

Best Things to Do in Halong Bay Tours from Hanoi

Sun World Halong Park

Sun World Halong Park recently becomes one of the most popular relaxations in any Halong Bay Tours & day trips, the park is definitely a marvelous medicine to recharge energy after work! Sun World Halong Park is a 214-hectare complex of international amusement park situated in the gorgeous Halong Bay. Come to Halong Park, enjoy the new kind of entertainment and feel the different angles of the heritage of Halong. Sun World Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi

Go Spelunking at Sung Sot Cave

Against the breathtaking backdrop of dramatic cliffs and azure water, Sung Sot cave is situated at Bon Hon island and it requires hiking up a steep path to get the cave, even though it’s worth the effort for the inner views. Sung Sot Cave in Halong Bay Tour From Hanoi There have two chambers inside the cave to a height of 30 meters. The inner chamber is already known for having a number of stone formations that are believed to look like the sentries. The stone in the center looks like a general talking to its troops. Come and discover Sung Sot Cave your ways!

Visit Cat Ba Island

Needless to say, it’s no longer in doubt that Cat Ba Island is the most favorite destination in Halong Bay and it’s also the biggest island in this part. Cat Ba Island itself sits around an antique fisherman’s port and has a pleasant atmosphere that makes Cat Ba the alluring place to chill out for the whole afternoon. Cat Ba Island Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi Biking to the idyllic countryside, just outside the main town is absolutely a good mention for your Halong day trips.

Discover Me Cung Cave

Me Cung or also known as Bewitching Grotto in English, the cave is one of the most scenic caves in Halong Bay when there are a series of other pretty attractions here. The entrance of Me Cung cave goes through a narrow entrance which you need to squeeze into. Inside the cave, there appear many fossils, thus if you a fan of spelunking, this is right a great spot to delve into for an afternoon into your Halong Bay tours & day trips.

Hike Around Cat Ba National Park

Definitely, Cat Ba National Park is the favorite place for tourists whenever visit Halong Bay. Actually, Cat Ba is an appealing national park with 32 different kinds of mammals. Some of them consisting of langurs, the most dangerous primates in the world. Obviously, there have some amazing hiking trails including an 18 km climb to the summit of the major peak in this park. Cat Ba National Park Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi There stands the myriad of travel guides available in the national park for those who do not have enough time to explore the whole species in Halong Bay tours.

Explore Fighting Cocks Island

Fighting Cocks Island or Hon Ga Choi in Vietnamese is one of the best attractive spots in Halong Bay. This island is made up of two large rocks that out of the sea and resembles two cockerels fighting. To watch its full beauty of natural creator, sunset is always the best recommendation as it’s time the sky looks so stunning and charming when the sun sets behind the two pretty stone formations. Fighting Cocks Island Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi

Dine on Savory Seafood

Halong Bay is surrounded by sea, thus it’s easy to explain for the wonder that there is a diversity of seafood on offering here. Consequently, the seafood restaurants grow as the mushroom along the central beaches, and you can chill out with scrumptious in the sand and catch the full view of the sea at night. Particularly, you can have the self-barbecue fire pits, cook your own dinner.

Essential Guides in Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips

How To Get Halong Bay?

The travel guide for tourists of Halong Bay day trips from Hanoi, you can catch any car named Kumho, Phuc Xuyen, Duc Phuc … Or any car to Mong Cai, Cua Ong, and Cam Pha at My Dinh Stadion with ticket prices from the range of 80,000 to 120,000 VND depending on which type of car. After that, you can get off at AO Ca, Bai Chay or Halong Bay. For the most convenient, if you do not prefer booking or finding a car, let us do this for you by the perfect Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips from Hanoi.

Best Time for Halong Bay Tours & Day Trips

Actually, the best time to visit Halong Bay depends on your taste of a perfect trip. If you’re concerned about the weather, the periods from September – November and from March-May are the alluring idea for the trip to Halong Bay. If you are a budget traveler, the time between May and September is highly recommended.