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Hanoi Pagoda Tours

Vietnam in general and Hanoi, in particular, has been already known as a worth-visit destination for pilgrims, especially Buddhist all over the world. The accessibility and centrality of the pagoda and also the religious places in Hanoi provide pilgrims chances to turn back the hand of time and get closer to the culture, religion as well as the history of this appealing capital. We’re here to deliver you a chance to touch the panoramic of religious beauty here by the monumental Hanoi pagoda tours, don’t hesitate, contact us to own the exceptional Hanoi tour!

Just 6-day tour in Hanoi and understand the essence of its city as well as a part of Vietnam through this cultural and traditional tour. The tour will depart by a special Water Puppet Show, the traditional art of Vietnam. Explore the best of Hanoi from the touristy destinations to the less-visit places. Take a visit to the Vietnam traditional villages in and around Hanoi, experience a hard day when helping locals in their works. Afterward, the relaxation is indispensable in our program, the last day of this 6-day tour is a nice riverboat along Red River, let's see and relax!

Situated in Kim Bang, Ha Nam, Tam Chuc Pagoda sits on a site of nearly 5,000ha, surrounded by lakes, mountains, and forest, which created a « Halong on land » and attract many tourists coming here annually. Besides Tam Chuc pagoda, this tour also offers visitors the experience of other attractions as Perfume Pagoda, Trang An eco-tourism complex with the wild and magnificent beauty. They are truly the should-try traveling experience for your day tour from Hanoi.

Hanoi 4-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Bai Dinh – Trang An Tour – 4 Days

Trang An eco-tourism complex is a wild beauty - charming landscape. It has thousands of hectares with more than 100 caves, can be explored by boat. This is also the home of 600 types of plants and more than 200 types of animals, many of which are rare and precious animals in the Vietnam Red Book. With limestone ranges, millions of years old, forming valleys, caves, lakes, ecosystems and mangrove forests, Trang An - Bai Dinh tourist area attracted many visitors every year. Besides, this place is also a complex of pagodas and famous Buddhist statues of Asia with a corridor of Arhat statues and golden Buddha statues. This day tour from Hanoi is very suitable for traveling experience, Hanoi Local Tour will help you get the best preparation.

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Colorful Festival of Do Temple – 1 Day

The Hanoi tour is only available from April 18th to 20th 2019 as a thousand pilgrims return to this religious site to pay their tribute and respect to these national heroes of Vietnam every year from the 14th to 16th of the third lunar month.

Things to Know & Travel Guide Before Hanoi Pagoda Tour

Vietnam has been known as a Buddhism nation with many pagodas scattered in the S-shape country. Since the past, our ancestors came to the pagoda for the happy life, success in career, and for love. Nowadays, not only the middle age but also the young people come to pagodas for finding a tranquil place, leave stress behind, and sincerely pray. Pagoda in Hanoi is now added into the must-visit list of foreigners on coming to Hanoi, Vietnam. Hereunder does & don things you ought to search before Hanoi pagoda tours.

Things to Know Before Hanoi Pagoda Tour

Difference between Temple & Pagoda in Vietnam

Actually, that’s really a common misunderstanding of both domestic and expat tourists when visiting Vietnam. After researching, we have a distinct definition of two terms. In Vietnam, “Temple” places to express respect to the deities who have lived exceptional lives and they have an influence on the afterlife. Meanwhile, “Pagoda” in Vietnamese is more specific meaning to a Hindu or Buddhist temple. Vietnamese people often use two main words “đền” and “chùa” as the same meaning with temple and pagoda.

What is a Vietnamese Pagoda?

Vietnamese Pagoda is a place where Buddhist monks and nuns gather to practice and teach Buddhism. Generally, all people can visit, worship, or watch the Buddhist rituals even the non-believers. In some special occasions like Tet, every 15th of lunar calendar months,… pilgrims visit pagodas to pray for a happy life.

Other Worship Places in Vietnam

Shrine – Mieu
The Vietnamese shrine is a type of cultural relics in Vietnamese beliefs, which is smaller than the temple. The one who is worshiped in the shrine is expressed in the name of the shrine. The shrine is usually built on high ridges, river banks, mountain slopes, and on the quiet places, therefore it cannot be affected by the noisy life.
Communal House – Dinh
A communal house is the worship place of the tutelary of the villages who has merit to set up villages, hamlets, or the father of the profession, it’s also a meeting place of villagers. The communal house is the center of cultural activities, the community of residents and characteristics of the rice civilization.

Things to Remember When Visiting Vietnamese Pagodas

From the past, Buddhism has been concentrated on in Vietnamese religious life even though many people are not Buddhism beliefs. Actually, Buddhism is one of the biggest religions in the S-shape nation, there stand a variety of pagodas along to Vietnam. Thus, in your Hanoi Tours & Day Trips, you will meet the chances to visit pagodas or temples here, especially, a Hanoi Pagoda Tours will fit your need most. The difference between other culture leading to many noticeable things to avoid when visiting any pagodas in Vietnam hereunder is a list of things to know before Hanoi pagoda tours:
- Do not anything from Pagoda, Temples to your house (that is the same as stealing) if it is not what the monks offer to you.
- In most of the worship in Vietnam, visitors need to take off their shoes outside.
- There always have 3 doors in any worship houses, so do not enter the middle door as the door is for Gods, Deities, and Kings.
- Do not try to touch the statues in worship places.
- Do not run, laugh or speak loudly in places of worship.
- Show the respect to the statues, the monks. Do not look at the statues, you can take photos, but try not to use the camera’s flash, sound in front of the altar.
- The polite shirts, pants are suitable clothes in worship places.

Top 5 Must-See Pagodas in Hanoi

Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam is a place where many sacred pagodas are situated, Hanoians has built a list of the sacred pagodas in Hanoi. Check the list below to find one near your location.

One Pillar Pagoda

Rising from only one pillar in the center of a square-shaped lotus pond, the pagoda is believed to represent a lotus flower growing up out of the lake. Remain the age-old architecture from the reign of The Ly Dynasty, One Pillar Pagoda becomes the iconic of Hanoi, the heart of Vietnam.
Address: Near Ba Dinh Square at Ong Ich Kiem street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi.

Tran Quoc Pagoda

The pagoda was built under the reign of Ly Nam De, Tran Quoc is the oldest Buddhist pagoda in Hanoi, and now the pagoda has still preserved a fairly complete system of statues. Come and take care of the unique architecture of the pagoda.
Address: Thanh Nien street, Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

Quan Su Pagoda

It’s a very important Buddhist pagoda in Hanoi, Quan Su pagoda is a precious treasure of Hanoi and it seems like the Headquarters of the Buddhism Association in Vietnam since 1858.
Address: 73 Quan Su Street, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Ha Pagoda

As one of the most ancient sacred pagodas in Hanoi, Ha Pagoda appeals many pilgrims, especially the young people coming here to pray for love.
Address: Dich Vong, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Tay Phuong Pagoda

The pagoda is a typical depiction of the long-standing culture of architecture and also sculpture in Vietnam. After 239 stones steps, tourists get the clues of time flow and catch the stone gate under the shade of old trees. In addition, Tay Phuong pagoda has a special construction with three single-level structures, come and discover it your way.
Address: Yen Village, Thach That, Hanoi