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Tours & Day Trips Out – Around of Hanoi

Our options of the Hanoi tours & day trips offer travelers a fun-filled way of undergoing the capital’s unique culture, historical relics, and natural wonders, which set out and around Hanoi. Hanoi is relatively easy to get around by bike or motorbike, where tourists can catch the perfect mix of authentic markets and traditional villages, natural spaces, Buddhist temples, and delving into the colorful festivals, and so forth. From Hanoi departure, there stand the myriad of renowned places, following us and explore Hanoi your way!

Hanoi 1-Day Tours & Day Trips

Hanoi Art Tour

Nguyen Art Gallery has been established for original and quality Vietnamese paintings since 2006. The gallery recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Fine Art Galleries in Hanoi, Vietnam. The name Nguyen Art means “Original Art”. The Gallery’s objective is to promote quality arts from Vietnamese artists. Almost all artworks in the Gallery are oil on canvas paintings and lacquer paintings (son mai). Nguyen Art Gallery focuses on emerging Vietnamese artists. Their artworks express and communicate the imaginative aspects of their culture and reflect concerns that range broadly from the spiritual and aesthetic to the social and political.

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Ninh Binh Tour from Hanoi – 3 Days

Ninh Binh, recently an appealing destination for both natural sceneries and historical meaning, is the ancient capital city of Vietnam. We bring you a day trip from Hanoi to explore this long-standing cultural land. Visit the mysterious Van Long with many limestone mountains like a fairy tale. Phat Diem Cathedral, supposed as the Catholic Kingdom of Vietnam, is also in the list of the most impressive church in Vietnam. Better things do not stop, this tour gives you a refreshing feeling in Cuc Phuong forest. It’s definitely an archeological place thanks to a diversified eco-system, let make the most of walking and hiking in the forest to discover this preserved nature.

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Explore Countryside Day Tour in Giao Thuy – 2 days

Come along with the countryside two-day tour in Giao Thuy, Nam Dinh to see more about the traditional rural life of the fabulous area. Experience the daily life of the locals by visiting their farms and houses, which is an opportunity to learn how people live along the Red River. Moreover, a night staying at the adorable homestay and making friends with the enthusiastic of local people will leave in your mind the unforgettable memories. Join our day tour from Hanoi now!

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Fascinating Countryside Tour in Hai Hau – 2 Days

A visit to Hai Hau district within 2 days will lead you to the best of a coastal district. Hai Hau embraces unique architectural styles illustrating the exceptional talents of the artisans. It is also home to the relic complex which closely associated with the locals’ sea encroachment 500 years ago. Passing hundreds of years, these relics have remained intact. Let’s come and experience Hai Hau with this trip from Hanoi now!

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Exciting Ninh Binh Cycling Tour – 1 Day

Taking an Hoa Lu Ninh Binh Cycling Tour within one day with Hanoi Vietnam local tour, you will ride among the karsts and see the unique villages in North Vietnam. The Ninh Binh Cycling Tour within 1 day promises a great experience and unforgettable Hanoi day tour.

A desire to leave the strong impress on clients’ mind, Hanoi local tour has worked hard to give you the flawless products. Receiving a lot of positive feedbacks from tourists, we redesign and now give you this bicycle street-food tour as a great experience on Vietnam’s healthy street food culture and home-cooked meals. Get started with us!

Hanoi 4-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi Natural & Cultural Combined Tour – 4 Days

Exclusive 4-day Hanoi tour package is an excellent selection for a couple or small group looking for an extraordinary and premium experience at Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat. This exclusive tour leads you to immerse in the beauty of the scenic landscapes in Ba Vi, delve into the stories behind these French relics here. Besides these unforgettable in this wonderland, there stand myriad of professional services included deluxe dishes, body massage & spa in YHI. Visit Duong Lam ancient village to get lost in the ambiance of tradition and culture. Do not hesitate and take this chance to explore the amazing things of Hanoi surrounding areas.

Experience a journey to the West reaching Ba Vi mountainous areas observing as a cultural mixture of Kinh, Muong, and Dao ethnic groups. Thus it has a diversity of language and also costume and ritual, which also explain why Ba Vi has been famous for the myriad of the traditional product. Visit Duong Lam Ancient Town, the sacred land in Vietnamese history - the home to two kings and a ton of cultural as well as traditional values. Unlock all of their mysteries and touch all of their attractions this by 3-day Hanoi trip with Hanoi Local Tour.

Hanoi 2-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Melia Ba Vi Splendid Retreat Package – 2 Days

Ba Vi gradually becomes a tourist destination for many kinds of tourists in Vietnam as well as international travelers. It has definitely been the attraction in the north of Vietnam, thus Ba Vi gives tourists the myriad of options for a trip here. In order to support a remarkable package, we offer a splendid package 2 days 1 night. This package is a slow-paced and non-stress retreat for people who want to relish a five-star service at an affordable price. Leave a comment below or contact Hanoi Local Tour for more information and consultancy.

Hanoi 4-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Bai Dinh – Trang An Tour – 4 Days

Trang An eco-tourism complex is a wild beauty - charming landscape. It has thousands of hectares with more than 100 caves, can be explored by boat. This is also the home of 600 types of plants and more than 200 types of animals, many of which are rare and precious animals in the Vietnam Red Book. With limestone ranges, millions of years old, forming valleys, caves, lakes, ecosystems and mangrove forests, Trang An - Bai Dinh tourist area attracted many visitors every year. Besides, this place is also a complex of pagodas and famous Buddhist statues of Asia with a corridor of Arhat statues and golden Buddha statues. This day tour from Hanoi is very suitable for traveling experience, Hanoi Local Tour will help you get the best preparation.

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Colorful Festival of Do Temple – 1 Day

The Hanoi tour is only available from April 18th to 20th 2019 as a thousand pilgrims return to this religious site to pay their tribute and respect to these national heroes of Vietnam every year from the 14th to 16th of the third lunar month.

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Chuong Conical Hat Village – Half Day

Chuong village is famous for its own iconic conical hat products, also called “Non la” in Vietnamese. Non la is a discreet charm of Vietnamese women from generation to generation, no matter rich or poor, in the big cities or rural areas. The charming image of traditional Vietnamese women with Ao Dai and Non-La impresses overseas visitors a singular characteristic of well-sought Vietnamese culture. Let's come to Chuong Conical Hat Village and find out the secret of Vietnamese culture.

Thing to Do & Essential Guide for Day Trips Out & Around Hanoi

As one of the best travel operators in Vietnam, Hanoi Local Tour always works flat out to deliver clients the good selection of Hanoi day trips or even around. We aim to bring you a perfect day trip, with well-arranged schedules by real insiders. Get started to gaze out at day trips our - around Hanoi and refresh your sub-plan besides Hanoi Tours!

Top 5 Things to Do & See in Hanoi and Around

Hanoi is globally renowned for not only many bustling markets but also appeals tourists with the majestic natural landscapes and the myriad of pure beauty bestowed also around Hanoi. There stand some of the famous attractions around Hanoi that you should not miss when visiting Hanoi:

Lost in Colorful Festival in Do Temple, Bac Ninh

Belonged to Dinh Bang Village in Bac Ninh, Do Temple has been known as the religious area. The temple was officially established to commemorate the 8 kings of Ly Dynasty. It’s able to say that Do Temple is the typical Northern pagoda architecture with a green area and fresh air. Better still, the temple can be combined into the small plan with other attractions in Bac Ninh like Dong Ho Village, Dinh Bang temple.

Bai Dinh Pagoda - Trang An Cave Day Trips

Trang An cave is a majestic spot that creates the heritage of humanity recognized by UNESCO. Moreover, the spiritual beauty of the sacred Bai Dinh pagoda combined with Trang An cave world to communicate with each other. Especially, the monks in Trang An always makes impression on tourists whenever visiting here. The Trang An Eco complex with Bai Dinh pagoda nowadays attract the curiosity of travelers.

Pu Luong Nature Reserve

Escape from the bustling city, we marvel at Pu Luong with terraced rice fields, the wooden houses on stilts nestled in the foothills of the pristine mountains, which all create a promising region for travelers having the desire for exploration. Pu Luong with the open space, fresh air and the hospitality of the local here is always a must-visit destination in Northern from Hanoi.

Tam Coc - Bich Dong

Tam Coc - Bich Dong, a harmonious carpet of nature has attracted a wide range of international tourists. Its natural beauty is a wonderful combination between the splendid caves, the charming waterways and the function of human, all forming a perfect unity. About 100km from Hanoi, the tranquil space in Tam Coc - Bich Dong annually appeals thousands of tourists and pilgrims.

Ky Son Village

Ky Son is known as a hamlet of the ancient Duong Lam Village, it’s home to many traditional houses which are more than 200 years old. In Ky Son, the local has preserved the antique architecture and also culture of authentic Vietnamese villages. Actually, Ky Son Village offers tourists numerous opportunities to undergo the age-old traditions and the real culture of Vietnam.

Day Trip Out - Around Hanoi Travel Guide

Best Time For The Day Trips Around Hanoi

These places around Hanoi have their own unique appealing features. Actually, you should choose the time before for your day trip to fit your tastes. If you desire to relax and have tranquil time in Hanoi nearby places, you can go to some destinations nearby or around Hanoi for the best experience in Vietnam. Generally, spring is the best time to visit most of attracting in or around Hanoi, because it’s on Tet holiday in Vietnam when the festival time occurs. Although spring is the great chance to indulge in culture and also the lifestyle of the locals, it’s peak season so there too many domestic visitors coming for the first spring trip. If you don’t prefer the crowd, you can avoid spring into other time.

Travel tips in Tours Around Hanoi

For the finest experience, some travel tips below are surely useful:
- Bring skin allergy medicine
- Take care of yourself during the tour in case of unexpected situations
- Check the price of souvenirs before purchasing
- Preserve of valuable luggage and belongings by yourself

How to Get From Hanoi Departure?

Base on each destination, tourists can choose their means of transport for the best convenience. Nevertheless, we highly mention:
- Bicycle for outskirt Hanoi (combined into tour between destinations nearby)
- Motorbike to places around Hanoi for travelers who prefer adventure
- Coach for the safest