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Hanoi, located on the banks of the magnificent Red River, is one of the most ancient capital in the world with more than thousand-year-old. Hanoi is where travelers can find many well-preserved colonial buildings, unique museums, the countless number of ancient pagodas in the center, and a lot of things to do & see in Hanoi Capital. Hanoi is definitely worth to discover, no matter whether it is your first time visiting Hanoi or not, the heart of Vietnam has plenty of things to do in the special spaces, and a myriad of must-see monuments, which you would kick yourself for missing them. Thus, hereunder is some valuable collection of Hanoi travel blog as well as Hanoi introduction & information for your best Hanoi tours.

The suspension of the requirement to test for the SARS-CoV-2 virus

  Regarding the suspension of the requirement to be tested for SAI-CoV2 before entering Vietnam: According to the announcement of the World Health Organization, now the COVID-19 epidemic has begun to tend to reduce both the number of cases and deaths on a global scale; Basic vaccines are still effective against variants of the SARS-CoV-2 […]

Vietnam Could Welcome Vaccinated Foreign Tourists Starting July, 2021

Vietnam tourism Open to Vaccinated international travelers

Tourism experts proposed tourism industry in Vietnam prepares to welcome vaccinated international visitors back to the S-shaped country from the third quarter of 2021 in a similar vein to regional peers. Mr. Nguyen Huu Tho, the chairman of the Vietnam Tourism Association (VITA), said Vietnam has been recognized as one of the most successful countries […]

Coronavirus – COVID-19 News & Update in Vietnam

Coronavirus COVID-19 News Update in Vietnam Thailand Myanmar Cambodia Laos

The Coronavirus or Covid-19 is one of the World’s most serious pandemics throughout recorded history. 215 countries all over the world have suffered from this epidemic with nearly 24,651,000 cases and over 836,000 deaths. Vietnam is one of the Chinese neighboring countries where people, economy, and lifestyle are extremely damaged. Updated on 28/08/2020 Coronavirus (Covid-19) News […]

It is Time to Re-plan your Travel to Hanoi

it is time to replan your travel to hanoi

It is a pleasure for Hanoi Local Tour to be a companion to your exciting Hanoi tour packages as the pandemic is coming to its end. Here are our commitments: We only require the minimum deposit of $200 to rescue your services Your date of travel is flexible. In case your travel is canceled by […]

Hanoi Streets Light up for Mid-Autumn Festival

see hanoi festivals for Vietnam Tour

The Mid – Autumn Festival is a harvest festival celebrated widely in China and Vietnam. The festival takes place in the 15th day of the 8th month of the lunar calendar, which usually with full moon at night. During Mid – Autumn festival, people will make moon cake – a rich pastry filled with sweet […]

Co Loa Ancient Citadel – The Historical Relic of Vietnam

Co Loa Citadel Relic of Vietnam

About 16km from the north of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Co Loa Citadel was officially the first citadel in the length of Vietnamese history, and it became the national capital in the reign of King Ngo Quyen (AD 939-44). These vestiges of antique Co Loa Citadel of the ramparts enclosed an area of 5 square km, […]

Safety in Hanoi | Travel Guides

Hanoi Is Safe For Travelers

Like the fact that more tourists flock to the vibrant cities or the sandy coasts of Vietnam, the questions of danger and safety naturally arise. Among the foreign travelers and their governments, the prevailing sentiment is that Hanoi Vietnam is a safe destination to visit. In Hanoi, the little crime existing in the form of […]

Things to Do & Travel Guides for 6 Day Family Tour in Hanoi, Vietnam

Things to Do in Hanoi For 6-day Family tour

Traveling is basically getting a journey to a blissful place, leaving stresses and the world behind. It’s about travel to the stunning places, historic landmarks or mysticism with your lovers who you cherish for life. The urge to travel enables us to live life to the fullest. With majestic sceneries, historic relics, and warm-hearted hosts […]

Ca Tru Singing – Traditional Vietnamese Art

Ca Tru Singing Traditional Vietnamese Art

Among the myriad of traditional folk arts, Ca Tru appears as academic art, which has been passed down through generation to generation. It’s true that, in Vietnamese music history, Ca Tru was favored through many dynasties and among the intellectuals in past Vietnam. Its reputation might come from the uniqueness in this type of folk […]

Hanoi in Top 25 Best Destinations for 2019

Hanoi in Top 25 Best Destinations for 2019

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital has been proudly named in 15th in the list of 25 destinations in the world in TripAdvisor’s annual Travelers’ Choice Awards, which recognize locations that are most popular among thousands of reviewers. The list of 25 destinations takes into account both the quality and the number of all travelers’ reviews and ratings […]

Best Family Holiday Tour Itinerary From Hanoi Vietnam

Best Family Holiday in Hanoi Vietnam

Take your family to an in-depth holiday of Hanoi Vietnam, your day tour starts from Hanoi in North to Sai Gon in South Vietnam. Approach thousands of years old city of Hanoi, it’s also a chance to watch and learn Vietnamese traditional arts like Water puppetry, visit the ethnic people in Sapa. Your family will […]

Hanoi Metro Line 3| Nhon – Hanoi Urban Railway

Hanoi Metro 3 Nhon Hanoi Railway

Hanoi Metro Line 3 (Nhon – Hanoi Station section), also known as Van Mieu line, is one of the under-construction mass transit urban railway line in the network of Hanoi Metro. It will be the second line to be utilized in the metro network, aimed to serve in and around Hanoi. According to the plan, […]

Power Adaptors for Electrical devices| Hanoi Travel Information

Best Travel Adaptor in Vietnam

Electronic socket adaptor – a tiny item that can make you half laughing and half crying if you travel aboard without searching before. Although the power socket adaptor plays a vital role in the digital era, it’s not on the list of must-know things before traveling, which often drives tourists into troubles. Actually, traveling is […]

Best International Hospitals in Hanoi| Information & Reviews

Best International Hospital in Hanoi

Medical care and treatment are important everywhere. When you are in your home town or traveling to different countries, you would call for medical help at any time. This is no exception to foreign visitors in Vietnam. Following are the best international hospitals in Hanoi, Vietnam and our reviews with English-speaking doctors and staffs. We […]

How to Spend One Week in Hanoi | Best 7 Days in Hanoi, Vietnam

Mua Cave Ninh Binh Traveling

Would you want to experience the out of Hanoi during your short visit to this 1000-year-old capital? If you have got 7 days in Hanoi, and you are looking for ideas of what to do and where to go, let’s check the brief 7-day tour itinerary below. We understand that you may be worried about […]

Nightlife in Hanoi & Essential Travel Guides

Street Food Nightlife in Hanoi

Hanoi in your imagination may be quite alluring, dynamic and it’s also rush in the stuffy atmosphere, noisy with full of buzz vehicle horn. From other aspects, there has another Hanoi without congestion, no noise, and no fume that is Hanoi at night. If daytime makes visitors have not enough time to stop and look […]

Ha Giang – Things to Do & Essential Guide

Ha Giang Things to Do Travel Guide

Ha Giang is the highlight of tourist attraction in North Vietnam, it is always appealing at any time of the year, thus Ha Giang attracts many visitors both at domestic and international. However, have you ever wondered where to go or which places to go among too many alluring places? Certainly yes! Don’t be confused, […]

Best Way to Get Halong Bay from Hanoi & Essential Guides

Seaplane from Hanoi to Halong Bay

Halong Bay is the most famous tourist destination with beautiful and poetic sceneries that attracts a lot of tourists from other countries to Vietnam. The distance between Hanoi and Halong is about 170 km, moreover, Hanoi – Halong is the popular route. As a result, from Hanoi to Halong Bay, there are many ways that […]

Hanoi Local Tour to Attend ITB Berlin 2020

hanoi local tour to attend itb berlin 2020

ITB Berlin – the world’s largest tourism trade fair will be held from March 4th to March 7th and once again present destinations of over 180 countries, and an estimated number of visitors reaching 160,000. Hanoi Local Tour is proud to announce that we will be attending the full conference and use 4 days there […]

Bia Hoi Hanoi – An Iconic Hanoi Beer

Bia Hoi Hanoi - An Iconic Hanoi Beer Brand

You are in Hanoi vacation with your friend and seeking a new wind in this capital’s culture, then you should not miss checking out this one. A benchmark of open camaraderie with the atmosphere of a popular feast known to all Vietnamese, a popular place devoted to loud talk, banter bistro, sound appetites, and a […]

Top 10 Best Bars & Pubs in Hanoi

Best Bars and Pubs in Hanoi

Are you searching for best cocktail bars, craft beers or wine bars in Hanoi…? These new addresses are taking over more and more of the Vietnamese capital for the pleasure of locals, tourists, and expats eager for news. Here are the best places to have a drink in Hanoi Old Quarter (Hoan Kiem Lake). Polite […]

Hanoi District Map

Hanoi District Map

What does Hanoi district map include? The latest updated Hanoi map depicts all districts in Hanoi, the capital of the Republic of Vietnam, and also the capital of most former feudal dynasties. Hanoi City is the second largest city in the country including the local population with about 8 million people (2018). Along with Ho […]

Top Photography Spots in Hanoi

Best Hanoi Photography Spots

Hanoi can seem a bit overwhelming. It is a vibrant city with perpetually crazy traffic, enthusiastic street sellers and colorful street life. But it is also a heaven for those of us who love to take authentic photos capturing the essence of local life. Or for those who simply love to take a unique photo. […]

Incense Villages in Hanoi – The Beauty of Vietnam Tradition & Culture

Hanoi Traditional Incense Village

Incense has a special significance in spiritual life in many Asian countries, including Vietnam. Burning incense is part of Vietnamese culture and beliefs. In today’s edition of Vietnam in close up, Hanoi Local Tour will give you three traditional incense craft village to find out how incense sticks are made. We understand that you may […]

Lang Son, Vietnam – Things to Do & Essential Guide

lang son vietnam hanoi local tour

Not only famous for the market, shopping paradise near the border gate, Lang Son Province also attracts tourists by historical relics, stories in the legend and beautiful nature. Lang Son Province is one of the best places to visit near Hanoi in every way so you can add this wonderful destination to your sub-plan besides […]

Colorful Traditional Tet Holiday in Hang Luoc Flower Market – Hanoi Old Quarter

Tet holiday in hang luoc street

Hang Luoc Flower Market opens once annually before Tet – a traditional holiday in Vietnam, thus it attracts thousands of people to visit and go shopping. Renowned as the oldest market in Hanoi capital, Hang Luoc Flower Market always evokes the soul of traditional Tet inside Hanoians, the citizen of a dynamic cosmopolitan city, for […]

Where to Watch Fireworks on Lunar Calendar New Year’s Eve 2019 in Hanoi?

Fireworks on New Years Eve

Catching beautiful fireworks performs is indispensable things on New Year’s Eve, which is as old as the Earth. Every Lunar New Year, Hanoi welcomes the huge volumes of Western tourists visiting the capital to taste the difference of Tet in Asia country. Now we’re getting closer to 2019, let Hanoi Local Tour has picked a […]

Fansipan Sapa Cable Car Guide – Tour – Ticket Price

Fansipan Cable Car

Great experience to conquer the top of Indochina – Fansipan Mount Peak in Sapa, by cable car, just have a seat tight in a cabin, within only 15 minutes, you will reach the top of Fansipan at 3143m high. The cable route has welcomed thousands of coming tourists to Sapa to make their dream of […]

Tet Holiday – Everything about Vietnam Lunar New Year 2022

Tet Holiday Lunar New Year in Vietnam

Tet Nguyen Dan (Tet for shortening) or Lunar New Year in English is the most important holiday in Vietnam. Tet is the Vietnamese New Year which marks the arrival of spring based on the Lunar calendar, a lunisolar calendar. ’Tet Nguyen Dan’ means the Feast of the very First Morning. What is Tet Holiday? Tet […]

Green Sticky Rice (Com) Hanoi – Special Gift of Autumn

Green Sticky Rice Com Hanoi - Special Gift of Autumn

When the autumn comes, it goes along with the elegant aroma of a favorite type of long grain snacks which enchants the soul of Hanoians as well as many pilgrims living in Hanoi. This snack is made from young sticky rice, collected at the end of the summer. Green sticky rice or originally called Com […]

Bao Son Paradise Park – Real Heaven in The Heart of Hanoi

Bao Son Paradise Park - Real Heaven in The Heart of Hanoi

Bao Son Paradise Park is an entertainment area combining the fields of economics and tourism. It’s located on a large space, just 6 km far from the National Convention Center, in which the harmony between traditional and modern factors are quintessential and convergent. Actually, Bao Son Paradise retains the traditional cultural beauty, it is amazing […]

Top 10 Best Cinema Centers in Hanoi

Top 10 Best Cinema Centers in Hanoi

Cinemas in Hanoi are now a very attractive place for not only the local people but also the tourists when visiting the “thousands of years of history” capital of Vietnam. However, you may not know about the quantity and quality of the cinemas in Hanoi. Here below is an overview of All Cinemas in Hanoi […]

Vietnamese Breakfast – What do Hanoian Eat for the Breakfast

Vietnamese Breakfast - What do Hanoian Eat for the Breakfast

Come to each nation we need to adapt to their habits, one thing that foreign tourists will surely surprise is the early getting-up habit of almost Vietnamese. Therefore, the Vietnamese breakfast food becomes a special feature in Vietnam, especially in Hanoi – the ancient capital. Breakfast plays an essential role as the energy source for […]

Top 5 Places to Try Banh Cuon – Rolled Rice Flour Pancake in Hanoi

5 Places to Try Banh Cuon - Rolled Rice Flour Pancake in Hanoi

Banh Cuon, a type of rolled rice flour pancake, is an ordinary dish which could be found with no difficulty in wherever in Hanoi. Banh Cuon is a common breakfast for many Hanoians because it is cheap and served quickly. However, if you have time, Banh Cuon nong (hot rolled rice flour pancake), served right […]

Bun Cha Hanoi – Top 5 Places to Eat Bun Cha

Hanoi is always famous for its special savory foods which all enchant tourists coming to Hanoi. Your Hanoi food tour will surely not complete if you cannot try Bun Cha Hanoi-a local scrumptious food. This dish is made of grilled pork and served with noodle, originally from Hanoi, Vietnam. Bun Cha Hanoi has been top […]

Hanoi Egg Coffee – Best Places to Enjoy Egg Coffee in Hanoi

Hanoi Egg Coffee - Best Places to Enjoy Egg Coffee in Hanoi

Wander around any street in Vietnam, and it is apparent that Vietnam’s big fan of café, from people sipping and sitting on the plastic stools on the pavement while gossiping with friends, colleagues, to those who prefer the pricier coffee popping up around Hanoi, the need for caffeine is inescapable. For café-lovers, if they haven’t […]

Hanoi Walking Streets – Guide & Map of Attractions

Hanoi Walking Street Essential Guides

Hanoi pedestrian street around Hoan Kiem Lake has been gradually becoming one of the tourist destinations of Hanoi capital, a place for people to hang out. Many streets near Hoan Kiem Lake have been used as a walking street to serve the needs of Hanoians and also foreign visitors. The Hanoi walking street aims to […]

Hanoi People – Lifestyle & Characteristic

Hanoi People - Lifestyle and Characteristic

Experience every ups and downs of the historical flow, Hanoi is proud to be the capital of thousands of years of civilization of Vietnam with the traditional and elite converging. It cannot deniable that Hanoian is the living witnesses of Vietnam history and they are delicate, elegant, and energetic as the thousand-year capital itself. Nowadays […]

Countdown New Year’s Eve 2019 Hanoi – Events, Parties and Much More

Countdown New Year’s Eve 2019 Hanoi - Events Parties and Much More

While many countries in the world are preparing to celebrate the beginning of 2019, many others are actually waiting a few weeks to welcome their New Year. Vietnam is one of them since its New Year is saved for the Tết Holiday (Feast of the First Morning of the First Day), which is the same […]

Travel with Confidence with Hanoi Local Tour

feel confident to travel to Hanoi

Ready to travel again, we are here to help you. Your safety and the safety of our partners and employees have been always our highest priority. This is the reason why our new cleaning distancing and physical distancing have been applied to all of our Hanoi tour packages. Our policy Travel with Confidence features new […]

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural – The World’s Largest Ceramic Mosaic

Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural Changed The Ancient Capital

From the dim of history, people have used ceramic to decorate houses, social constructions,… and the art of using ceramic have been popular by its endurance. However, the idea of using ceramic to create a mosaic mural seems as impossible, but it became true, and as we can see today a Hanoi Ceramic Mosaic Mural, […]

Flower Markets in Hanoi – Prepare For the Tet Holiday

Flower Markets in Hanoi - Prepare For Tet Holiday

As a routine, about a month before Tet, flower market in Hanoi become busier and more crowded than any time in a year. Peache blossoms, kumquat trees and various kinds of fresh flowers are indispensable in Vietnamese households during traditional Tet. Flower market in Hanoi attracts thousands of Hanoians and both domestic and foreign tourists […]

Hanoi Metro Line 2A | Cat Linh – Ha Dong Urban Railway

Cat Linh Urban Railway - Ha Dong

Hanoi Metro Line 2A is a part of Hanoi Metro system, aiming to improve both social and environmental problems for Hanoi. The Line 2A or called Cat Linh Urban Railway – Ha Dong is a light railway on high for public transport with a length of 13.05 km, derived from the area of Cat Linh – […]

Top 10 Best Art Galleries in Hanoi

Top 10 Best Arts Gallery in Hanoi

Hanoi is known for a long history and diverse cultural traditions and to recreate the distinctive features that, a lot of unique and attractive artworks are displayed at the art galleries in Hanoi. Here are some of the art galleries that you should visit. 1. Nguyen Art Gallery Nguyen Art Gallery was launched in 2006, […]

 Hanoi Motorbike Rental

Hanoi Motorbike Rental

Visit Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam country, traveling by motorcycle always brings an exciting and unique experience that you cannot know if you move by faster and more convenient means of transportation. With motorcycles, tourists can see and enjoy Hanoi from the small corners to the big streets as well as suburban gardens. Depending on […]

Hanoi – Vietnam Visa Application

Hanoi Vietnam Visa Application

Whether I need a Visa for Hanoi Vietnam Tours? In later years, Vietnam has implemented a new and easier policy about visa for Hanoi Vietnam tours. Check out the below list to know if you need to apply for the visa to Vietnam. 1. Passport holders from Brunei and Myanmar are not asked for a […]

Hop On Hop Off Bus Hanoi

Hop On Hop Off Bus Hanoi - City Tour

From 30/05/2018, both foreign and domestic visitors will have an opportunity to experience the Hop On Hop Off bus in Hanoi, which was confirmed by the representatives of Hanoi Transportation Corporation at the opening ceremony. The Hop on hop off Hanoi, a completely brand new service, allows visitors to hop on and hop off at […]

Bus 86 Hanoi City To Noi Bai Airport – Timetable & Stops

Bus 86 Hanoi Stop Lists Hanoi Tour

The bus 86 Hanoi or Bus Express 86 Hanoi from Hanoi railway station to Noi Bai airport is a two-way daily bus, which was launched by Hanoi Transport Corporation Ltd, (Transerco) from 30/04/2016. The bus 86 Hanoi is useful for the airport transfer service with a capacity of 80 passengers and large luggage space. For […]

Best Time To Visit Hanoi & Ha Long Bay, Vietnam

Best Time to Visit Hanoi Capital Halong Bay Vietnam

Located in the North of Vietnam, Hanoi and Ha Long Bay have the relatively same climate. So the best time to visit Hanoi and Ha Long Bay is from March to May and September to November. In particular, Hanoi is most pleasant in the autumn which happens from early September to November. Meanwhile, summer is […]

French Architecture in the Heart of Hanoi

It is often said that Vietnam paid a too high price to get the independence from the French. But they never said what the Vietnamese receive from this gory period. Old architectures from the French colony have been well-preserved and remained their original beauty. Hanoi is such a wonderful museum in the world where you […]

Top 10 Amazing Bookstores in Hanoi

Top Hanoi Bookstores by Hanoi Local Tour

Taste a very different Hanoi by spending time sitting at a quiet corner of Hanoi old quarter or Hoan Kiem Lake, reading an interesting book and sipping some coffee. But where to find books in this ancient capital. Note the list of 10 amazing bookstores as your essential guide in your Hanoi tour. We understand […]

Top 3 Brands Most Prestigious Jewelry in Hanoi

Top 3 brands most prestigious jewelry in Hanoi

Jewelry has always been a part of mankind’s history and becomes a gift of God for the woman. In the earlier times, jewelry was meant to indicate social status, familial roots, and significance and show luxury and rich. Today, people wear prestigious jewelry for a variety of reasons. Of course, many wear jewelry to profess […]