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Hanoi One-Day Tours & Day Trips

Just having only one day in Hanoi, which is such a quite tight schedule, we cannot deny that it’s hard for tourists to delve into Hanoi to the fullest, that is why this post is born. We are proud of 12-year-old experiences in designing both packages and day trips in Hanoi, in addition, we’re all Hanoi insiders, thus we understand much about Hanoi. It differs from other travel agency in Vietnam, Hanoi Local Tour not only offers tourists the normal tours or day trips in Hanoi, but we also admire to deliver clients an unforgettable experience in life. Thus we’re sure that our Hanoi One-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries will help tourists to touch glimpse of Hanoi without tiring themselves out, follow us!

Hanoi 1-Day Tours & Day Trips

Hanoi Art Tour

Nguyen Art Gallery has been established for original and quality Vietnamese paintings since 2006. The gallery recognized as one of the Top 10 Best Fine Art Galleries in Hanoi, Vietnam. The name Nguyen Art means “Original Art”. The Gallery’s objective is to promote quality arts from Vietnamese artists. Almost all artworks in the Gallery are oil on canvas paintings and lacquer paintings (son mai). Nguyen Art Gallery focuses on emerging Vietnamese artists. Their artworks express and communicate the imaginative aspects of their culture and reflect concerns that range broadly from the spiritual and aesthetic to the social and political.

We know that the shortest way to one's heart is the way through their stomach. Understand Vietnamese culture & cuisine, so we know that an integral and equally essential ingredient to every dish is the connection, the shared stories, the exchanged ideas and the connection with the culture that can improve travelers’ experience exploration of Vietnam and its diverse nature and origin. Hanoi Local Tour would like to provide you an exciting experience on a cooking demonstration and afternoon tea talking with locals.

The antiquity market opens every Sunday in Hanoi Museum, which serves the need of purchasing and researching antiquities. This market is where tourists can find a cultural Hanoi space with the myriad of age-old items, ranged from Buddha statues, bronze statues, to the daily items of high age such as teapots, lamp, incense burner, ancient painting or watches… People coming here to seek and keep the souls of cultural essence. Purchasing at the antiquity market is not a hobby of the rich, it is one of a feature that makes the unique fair market.

Are you finding a break between your touristy destinations? From our authentic experience, we highly recommend this Hanoi cycling tour for you, the jubilant tour with a home-hosted meal within one day will definitely be down-to-earth fun. Come with us to visit the unique garden farm on Hanoi’s outskirts, collect fresh food, and then cook it on your own.

The myriad of attractions mentioned offers you the chance to experience a deeply and completely authentic tour out of Hanoi. Walk around to see the unique old structures, enjoy the simple lunch with the locals, figure out the more appealing place in the countryside, which all roll into one aim which encourages tourists to get closer to the daily life of the locals.

Tours & Day Trips Out-Around Hanoi

Colorful Festival of Do Temple – 1 Day

The Hanoi tour is only available from April 18th to 20th 2019 as a thousand pilgrims return to this religious site to pay their tribute and respect to these national heroes of Vietnam every year from the 14th to 16th of the third lunar month.

Hanoi Countryside & Village Tours

Ky Son & Duong Lam Village Tour – 1 Day

Experience deeply and completely Vietnam authentic countryside by different attractions in this wonderful Hanoi day trip. Stroll and cycle around Ky Son Village to get closed to the daily life of locals. Visit Duong Lam Ancient Village with a rich history of about 1200 years and a lot of antique houses dating back up to 400 years. Gain more knowledge of resident communities in ancient agriculture thanks to the main village gate, perennial banyan trees, old wells, and communal house, which are all key and specific factors in classifying Duong Lam Ancient Village.

Bac Ninh province lets you enjoy the typical beauty of the Northern Vietnam countryside. Pedaling along the rural village lanes, learning the way to make pottery, see old-age bronze casting stages and having local lunch will be a remarkable experience. This tour in Hanoi will not disappoint you.

Hanoi 1-Day Tours & Day Trips

Hanoi Red River Boat Tour – Full Day

This boat tour on the Red River will take you through the off the beaten path places of Hanoi to admire the views of paddy fields along the river bank. You also have the opportunity to stop off at some well-designed temples and in Bat Trang, famed for pottery products.

Hanoi Sightseeing & Walking Tours

Hanoi in the Morning – Half-Day

Wake up early to behold a distinct Hanoi of peace and rustic from beautiful nature to ancient constructions. Visit the traditional market and taste local dishes to learn more about Hanoi culture. Especially, taste fantastic experience when strolling along the train street.

Hanoi Countryside & Village Tours

Van Phuc Silk Village Trip – Half-Day

Spend half-day on a journey to find long-established culture and tradition at a village of Hanoi outskirts. Get lost in the world of silk in Van Phuc Traditional Village in Hanoi and take a closer look at the process to make the first-rate products as well as see the actions of silk-making masters.

This one-day Hanoi tour allows you to visit all these three villages specialized by their peace trade and products. Take the chance to go deep inside and unlock the mysteries helping them preserve and develop the ancestors' tradition.

Things to Do & See in One Day Trip from Hanoi

Your wanderlust leads you to Vietnam, a beautiful country with a lot of attractiveness, and Hanoi will definitely be the must-visit destination for those coming to Vietnam. Hanoi, the thousand-year-old capital, has many historical relics left reflecting lively the past flow. One day trip in Hanoi is the proper time to discover this age-old capital of Vietnam without having to rush from one site to others. We’re sure that the changes time to time of Hanoi with the bustling lifestyle in comparison with the ancient town and low pace of life in the past will astonish tourists most. In fact, there have a lot of our clients worry about their time budget at first, but after one day in Hanoi under our guides, they have been satisfied. Honestly, one day in Hanoi seems like the great time frame that tourists can enjoy Hanoi no more or less. At Hanoi Local Tour’s website, there has a series of available tours we suggest. If they don’t fit your taste, contact us to customize your own Hanoi tours within one day.

Must-Visit Attractions in Hanoi by One Day Trip Itineraries in Daytime

Hanoi has many tourist attractions for tourists to explore, but to support your flawless experience within one day in Hanoi, Hanoi Local Tour mentions you a list of highlight attractions in Hanoi below, please check it!

Hoan Kiem Lake (Sword Lake)

Hoan Kiem Lake in the capital of Vietnam with a myth story seems as the must-see destination in Hanoi Local tour and also tailor-made tour in Hanoi. Hanoi tour package in Hoan Kiem Lake is somehow regarded as a panoramic picture of its legend and beauty as well. Hoan Kiem Lake was originally called Luc Thuy Lake (Green Water Lake) due to its green water, the name of Hoan Kiem Lake was named when the legend of Emperor Le Thai To in the 15th century fought against the Minh Chinese invader by the magical sword – was given by the Golden Turtle. Right beside the lake, we can visit a complex consisted of Ngoc Son Shrine, The Huc Bridge, Pen Tower, the worthy place to come in Hanoi. The complex had been contributed to the gorgeousness of Hoan Kiem Lake by many Kings, and do you know that Ngoc Son pagoda (the original name of Ngoc Son Shrine nowadays) was the first place for Buddhists along with the pilgrims? Generally, Hoan Kiem Lake now is located inside the complex with the myriad of seductive images of Hanoi. Come & see in general its spectacular gorgeousness.

Dong Xuan Market

Nearby Hoan Kiem Lake, it’s about a half of kilometer from the lake, Dong Xuan Market has closely associated with the commercial prosperity of Thang Long Citadel. The market has been undergone a lot of historical chances, even the broken past, perhaps these reasons have created Dong Xuan Market as not only one of the busiest traditional markets but also a cultural icon in age-old capital, Hanoi. Nowadays, Dong Xuan Market is regarded as the place for people to purchase goods, in its market, there stand many special products as traditional Dong Ho drawings, Binh Da embroideries, Bat Trang ceramics, and laces. Besides that, pilgrims from many nations come here as the way to learn about the typical Southeast Asian wet market, dig into their hobbies and features of purchasing style. In addition, Dong Xuan can be called “stomach” of Hanoi, thus it includes the myriad of renowned traditional and street foods. Let’s visit Dong Xuan to experience your way!

Old Quarter in Hanoi

For those visiting a lot of tourist destinations in the world, Hanoi Old Quarter, a glimpse of the Vietnamese past, seems like the ideal place to come. Old Quarter centrally located in the dynamic Hanoi in which its changes occur every minute but it still retains its unique characteristic or even quaint! Hanoi Old Quarter leads us back to hundreds of years ago, it specialized one kind of merchandise, interesting lifestyle of the old Hanoian. Hanoi Old Quarter is a complex of all ancient towns with finding skyscraper – a symbol of a modern city in nowhere, together with it is a tranquil space covering day by day. Visit and feel it your way.

Ho Chi Minh Complex

As one of the Hanoi highlights, on the west side of Hanoi Old Quarter, Ho Chi Minh Complex is one of the must-visit places in Hanoi. The complex is the resting place of Ho Chi Minh - the beloved president, a hero of national liberation, and the immortal person in the heart of Vietnamese. The complex consists of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, President Palace, Ho Chi Minh Resident, Ba Dinh Square, Ho Chi Minh Museum, and One Pillar Pagoda. Most of the tourists coming here always intend to express their respect and admiration for President Ho Chi Minh.

Long Bien Bridge

Time to time, Long Bien Bridge has existed as the living witness of a part of Vietnam history. Long Bien, connecting two banks of Red River, is the first longest steel-made bridge built by the French in the early 20th century. The bridge has been attached with many memories of the heart of Vietnam, thus Long Bien nowadays becomes one of the most tourist attractions in Hanoi alluring travelers from all over the world to delve into. Long Bien is one in five bridge crossing Red River and it may be the most appealing one with its priceless cultural value. Time flies fast, Long Bien bridge in Hanoi has always stayed here and belonged to Hanoians to witness every ups and downs of the city of peace. If you have no ideas for your Hanoi day trips, visit Long Bien bridge and feel it in every breath.

Hoa Lo Prison

About 1 km away from the Temple of Literature, tourists can get Hoa Lo Prison, also known as Hanoi Hilton. Hoa Lo Prison is laid in Hoa Lo street, which means “hell’s hole” and also means “stove” in the past. The kind of Hoa Lo construction was established by the French colonist and used as a prison, a real hell on Earth, a place that dies is easier than live. The patriotic politicians were holding in a dreadful condition to torture or execute inhumanity, and nowadays, there stand many relics left in the prison, which are useful information for those who want longing to get further insight into Vietnam War and their heroic history as well.

Antique Villages

Vietnam has undergone many fluctuations in the length of historical flow, the country had experienced and woke up from an atrocious past when endured the yoke of the North feudalism in thousands of years, experienced the French colonialism and the American Empire in many decades. Although the effects from these powerhouses over many centuries, the Vietnamese tradition was thought to be lost, Vietnamese people have been reserved carefully, and the traditional beauty has been preserved in the ancient villages such as Duong Lam ancient village with the age-old houses, Bat Trang Ceramic Village with the traditional pottery art, Dong Ho Painting Village, Van Phuc Silk Village, and so forth. Let’s come and explore your way.

Appealing Destinations to Visit in Hanoi One Day Trip at Night

Ta Hien Street

Ta Hien Street, located in the heart of Old Quarter, near Hoan Kiem Lake, also known as the foreigner street because there are a lot of overseas tourists coming here to taste another side of Hanoi. It’s true! When the night falls, Ta Hien street tears the bleak cover to wear a bustling appearance – the different aspect of Hanoi in general. The evening is the high time for both Hanoians and tourists come Ta Hien and delve into its distinct, take a sip of beer and look at the active city in a hidden corner.

Walking street

If your trips in Hanoi at weekend, don’t forget to taste the other side of Hanoi with a tranquil space, many folk games, bustling night market, which is regarded as bringing us back to the childhood, the innocent period without worry. Hanoi pedestrian street is around Hoan Liem Lake, which has been one of the highlights in Hanoi, and a place to hang out. The walking street was officially opened in the Old Quarter in Hanoi, which creates an enormous walking area in the center of the capital for both Hanoians and tourists. Apart from its gorgeous scenery, people can revel in some featured activities like joining in flashmob teams, singing your favorite songs or playing instruments, playing some critical games, and so forth, these all bring us back to the past of Hanoi. The best feeling is your real experience in this tranquil place.