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Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Wandering the whole day on the internet with a mess of things to do & see in Hanoi, yet you cannot find out a suitable Hanoi 5-Day Tour Itineraries which satisfies your wanderlust? Actually, if you are stressed on planning a 5-day tour itinerary in Hanoi, don’t be confused by them since 5 days in Hanoi is the most suitable time for the flawless trips to explore the fullest Hanoi. Let’s check the list things to do in Hanoi within 5 days and let our specialized Hanoi Tours refresh your soul.

Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Glimpse of North Vietnam Tour – 5 Days

Hanoi, Sapa, Ninh Binh, and Halong Bay are the ideal destinations for any adventure tour in North Vietnam with different sporty activities and especially suitable for groups and families who want to enjoy the best attractions in the North. This kind of tour with a lot of sports to improve their health and enjoy a lot of fun at the same experience the unique culture and daily life of rural people. Come with us to design your exciting trip from Hanoi!

Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Fascinated Adventure Tour in Northeast Vietnam – 5 Days

Being endowed with beautiful natural landscapes of mountains, valleys, waterfalls and rained forests, Northeast of Vietnam is an ideal destination for your 5-day tour itinerary from Hanoi, adventure & discovery tour with trekking, biking, home staying activities. With gentle and poetic tribal villages surrounded by spectacular mountains, wonderful terraced fields as well as the radiant smiles of upland children, all create a charming Northeast area. Discover this place, tourists have the opportunity to see anonymous waterfalls, flow between the mountains halfway and admire the majesty of the northeast mountains, spring landscape with cherries, plum blossoms, blooming rice flowers well. Come and enjoy adventure tours in North Vietnam with Hanoi Local Tour.

Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Halong Bay – Nam Dinh Pilgrimage – 5 Days

Promise to bring you unforgettable experiences when you try our service. Immersing in an ancient Hanoi with the streets having a long history, culture from ancient times expressed through many unique architectural works. Another destination is Halong Bay recognized by UNESCO as a Natural Heritage of the world by its beauty and ecological values. This day tour from Hanoi gives you the opportunity to delve into the place with the beautiful churches, which is Nam Dinh province. Especially the chance to visit Hai Ly ruined church, the most special highlight of the journey for those who love freedom travel, famous for its pristine beauty.

Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Hanoi – Majestic Cruise to the Bays – 5 Days

Escape from the modern but cramped Hanoi with the rush pace of life, Cat Ba island tour package is a great option for those who want to experience as well as discover the whisper of nature through the breathtaking scenery in Cat Ba and some other places we go through. This is a kind of complex with caves, jungles, and waterfalls, Cat Ba island is renowned as the largest island in Halong Bay and gradually becoming a tourist destination in recent years. Come to Cat Ba Island of Vietnam, tourists seem to forget everything and just enjoy the majestic views. This tour from Hanoi will give travelers a chance to explore the rugged limestone mountains, the moist tropical forests, coral reefs, the deserted beaches and also the island lifestyle.

Hanoi 5-Day Trips & Tour Itineraries

Northwest of Vietnam Adventure Tour – 5 Days

Far from the modern life and bustling atmosphere and cramped traffic of Hanoi capital, Northwest Vietnam is always an ideal destination for those who want to experience an adventure to the wild landscape and mighty on fascinating tours from Hanoi. There is a land of peaceful simplicity but hidden in a myriad of wonderful natural scenery. Northwest is also inhabited by mountain peoples such as H'Mong Den, Dzao Do, Tay, Dzay... Come to Northwest of Vietnam, everyone seems to forget everything, just enjoy the fresh air, white clouds, blue sky, romantic scenery, terrain terraced fields with houses on stilts, interesting experience places of ethnic minorities. It is also appropriate to visit the villages as well as conquer the beauty of Ta Xua Nature Reserve with the vast landscape of the great plateau with thousands of wildflowers are surrounded by magnificent mountains.

Things To Do & See for 5-Day Tour Itineraries in Hanoi

The Hanoi 5-day tour itinerary consists of a huge range of things to do & see in Hanoi and nearby, fly through the historical relics, go from the magnificent mountain to the infinite ocean, our suggested Hanoi tour itineraries in 5 days surely satisfy your taste & need! Hanoi Local Tour - top leading travel agency in Hanoi, has operated a variety of Hanoi Tours & Day Trip. You can refer our recommended Hanoi 5-day tour itineraries and feel free to contact us for consulting, booking available tours or customizing a unique Hanoi Day Trips that exactly what you want!

Classic Tour Itinerary within 5 Days in Hanoi

Day 1: Hanoi Walking Tour in Hoan Kiem Lake - Dong Xuan Market - Walking Street – Night Market
Day 2: Hanoi Old Quarter - Temple of Literature – Cycling tour around Hanoi & Nearby
Day 3: Bat Trang Pottery Class
Day 4: Cycling tour in Duong Lam Ancient Village
Day 5: Hanoi Free City Tour with Hanoi Local Tour
Night Market in Hanoi 5-day Tour itineraries

5-day Tour Itinerary from Hanoi to Sapa

Day 1: Hanoi Old Quarter and Hanoi Walking street
Day 2: Hanoi City Tour and Night Train to Sapa
Day 3: Sapa Trekking
Day 4: Village tour in Sapa and Back To Hanoi
Day 5: Hanoi food tour & Cycling tour
Com Lam Sapa in Hanoi 5-day tour itineraries

Halong Bay Tour from Hanoi in 5 Days

Day 1: Hanoi Old Quarter - Water Puppet Show
Day 2: Ho Chi Minh Complex – Hoa Lo Prison – Temple of Literature – Thang Long Citadel
Day 3: Hanoi – Halong Bay – Sung Sot Cave – Titov Island
Day 4: Halong Bay – Luon (Hallow) Cave – Hanoi
Day 5: Back to Hanoi with Free City Tour
Water Puppet Show in Hanoi 5-day Tour itineraries