Cat Cat Village: The Beautiful Sapa village houses hidden in the morning mist

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village5

Each simple wooden house, the pristine streams that flow all year round, and the winding, meandering paths all come together to paint the picturesque and dreamy picture of Cát Cát Village amidst the vast mountainous wilderness of Northwest Vietnam. Get to know the humble village and its friendly, simple-hearted ethnic people with Hanoilocaltour!

Cat Cat Village – Where Is It Located?

Address: San Sa Ho Commune, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province

Nestled tranquilly at the base of the majestic Hoàng Liên Sơn mountain range, Cát Cát Village is located approximately 3 kilometers from the center of Sapa town. It seems as if Mother Nature has cradled it in her embrace, as it enjoys a prime location surrounded by grand mountains on all sides.

Cát Cát Village - Where Is It Located-

With its simple wooden houses and a serene mountainous backdrop, this charming H’Mong village has truly become an ideal stopover for those visiting Sapa. If you seek a refreshing atmosphere and inner peace after the hustle and bustle of daily life, Cát Cát Village is the perfect choice.

How to Get to Cat Cat Village

Due to its proximity to Sapa town, there are various transportation options to reach Cát Cát Village, depending on your preferences and needs.

How to Get to Cát Cát VillageMotorcycle Taxi (Xe ôm)

For first-time visitors to Cát Cát Village, taking a motorcycle taxi is a convenient option. Motorcycle taxi drivers are typically available around the area near the stone church and the Sapa bus station. For a mere 40,000 VND for a one-way trip or 70,000 VND for a round trip, you can easily reach Cát Cát Village without the worry of getting lost on the winding mountain roads.

Renting a Motorbike

This is an excellent choice for young travelers who want to have control over their time and explore the scenic trails leading to the picturesque Cát Cát Village. With reasonably affordable rental rates ranging from 80,000 VND to 150,000 VND, you can have your own “ride” and fully experience a day in the wilds of the Northwest mountainous region.

Although it may sound challenging, the road to Cát Cát Village is not too difficult. The path leading to the village is relatively straightforward, without many rocky or rough sections compared to other routes in Sapa. With the relatively short distance (just over 3 kilometers), those with some driving experience will easily conquer this breathtaking route.

Renting a Bicycle

Slowly pedaling your way through the pristine mountainous scenery of Northwest Vietnam while enjoying the fresh air is a delightful experience. The route from Sapa town to Cát Cát Village is relatively short, and the road is easy to navigate, making bicycles a popular choice among young travelers. Most accommodations in the area offer bicycle rental services, with prices ranging from approximately 120,000 VND to 150,000 VND. If you enjoy exploring mountainous roads and are passionate about outdoor activities, renting a bicycle is an excellent option to fully appreciate the stunning beauty of Cát Cát Village at the foothills of the magnificent Hoàng Liên Sơn mountain range.


Trekking, or long-distance walking, is not an unfamiliar form of tourism and is also a great choice for adventurous young travelers looking to explore, travel, and improve their fitness. If you want to save on transportation costs and have some leisure time, you can choose to travel to Cát Cát Village by trekking. This provides an opportunity to stroll, breathe in the fresh mountain air, admire the beautiful scenery on both sides of the road, and view Cát Cát Village from above, with its interconnected wooden houses and a pristine waterfall, all while enhancing your physical fitness.

Ticket Prices for Cat Cat Village

Cát Cát Village, nestled amidst the surrounding hills and mountains, is a true gem of nature. The admission fee is incredibly affordable, with from 70,000 VND for adults and from 30,000 VND for children. This ticket allows you to embark on a complete journey of exploration through the H’Mong ethnic village. Additionally, at the ticket counter, local people are friendly and clever in providing pre-prepared maps with directions to famous attractions within the village. If you’re visiting Cát Cát Village for the first time, you can easily explore the beautiful landscape without missing any key locations.

Besides the opportunity to tour and experience the daily life of local people, you can also transform into beautiful village maidens or hardworking village lads with the ethnic costumes available for rent at the counter.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Cat Cat Village?

It seems like Mother Nature has bestowed all of her beauty upon Cát Cát Village. Regardless of the season, when you visit this small village, you will always have wonderful and memorable experiences. The captivating beauty of Cát Cát Village is a harmonious blend of the distinctive charms of all four seasons, creating impressive highlights and turning this H’Mong village amidst the grandiose mountainous region into an ideal destination for those who appreciate the simplicity and rustic beauty of nature.

In the springtime, Cát Cát Village dons a radiant coat of cherry blossoms, plum blossoms, and a plethora of wildflowers. As summer approaches, when the cherry blossoms have given way to the vibrant yellow mustard flowers, it’s the perfect time for Cát Cát Village to welcome visitors with its new attire.

What makes the beauty of the Northwest mountainous region? Surely, it’s the terraced fields that meander impressively. In the autumn, the skies over Cát Cát Village seem to light up with golden ripe rice fields, along with roaring waterfalls splashing down. Alternatively, during the crisp winter days, the allure of Cát Cát Village becomes even more captivating, alluring, and fascinating with the blanket of pristine white snowflakes covering the entire landscape, creating a unique and enchanting atmosphere. Don’t miss the chance to stand alongside your loved ones and witness the first snowfall of the season. Amidst the wild and rugged mountainous terrain, with the chilly air and drifting clouds, there’s nothing better than enjoying a warm cup of coffee and admiring the captivating beauty of Cát Cát Village, wouldn’t you agree?

When Is the Best Time to Visit Cát Cát Village-2

Special Experiences Await You in Cat Cat Village

The small village of the H’Mong people at the foot of the Hoàng Liên Sơn mountain range seems like a world entirely separate from the daily modern life. Gone are the towering modern buildings, the bustling traffic on the streets during rush hours, and the hustle and bustle of city life. The scenery here remains simple, and the people’s way of life is still as slow-paced as ever. Yet, this is the beauty that has captivated countless travelers over the years.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village

From the simple wooden houses in Cát Cát Village…

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village1

…to the basic utensils in the corners of H’Mong people’s kitchens

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village2

And the handwoven tools, with a faint layer of age-old dust

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village3

All of this creates a genuine and down-to-earth beauty, along with the unhurried pace of life of the people here.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village4

The clustered wooden houses in Cát Cát Village

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village5

The rustic wooden bridge crossing a year-round babbling brook

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village6

The iconic wooden water spouts of the Northwest highlands

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village7

Wooden houses with intimate kitchen decorations are a typical style of the H’Mong people when building their homes.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village8

The traditional weaving craft still endures through the years in this H’Mong village.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village9

A small corner in the romantic Cát Cát Village

The “beauty” of the vast Northwest mountains has a unique charm. Not only famous for its picturesque landscapes, Cát Cát Village offers special experiences that will leave you yearning to return.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village10

When you visit Cát Cát Village, don’t miss the chance to dress up as ethnic girls and take special photos.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village11

Capture the stunning views of the majestic mountains…

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village

…and fully embrace the vast expanse of the Northwest mountains.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village1

Taking a leisurely walk along the stone path to the village is also a special experience.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village2

Don’t forget to participate in the fascinating traditional games of the H’Mong people.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village3

Learning about the local people’s traditional weaving craft is also an intriguing experience.

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village4

Delicious dishes in Cát Cát Village, such as grilled buffalo meat…

Special Experiences Await You in Cát Cát Village5

…and the fragrant meat skewers roasted over a lively kitchen fire, are the most enticing charms.

Coming to Cat Cat Village, what should you pay attention to?

If Hanoilocaltour‘s friends reading this article are coming to Cat Cat village for the first time, we will reveal to you a few things to keep in mind when coming here.

Remember not to let babies stay in the cash register. You can give them candy, but absolutely don’t give them money, because it will set a bad precedent for people here to force children to drop out of school and ask tourists for money. You also don’t want to have kids nagging and whining in your ears, making the trip less fun, right?

Because it is in a wild mountainous area, the road around Ban Cat Cat is relatively narrow and difficult to travel with many steep slopes. If you want to fully explore the beautiful scenery here, wear sneakers and loose-fitting clothes to be able to move more easily and conveniently.

Coming to Cat Cat Village, what should you pay attention to-

Besides, because the nature of mountainous areas is steep and gentle slopes, going up will often take more effort than going down. If you are tired, you can take a motorbike taxi to get there. Often motorbike taxi drivers will park around the wooden bridge and flower gardens, and people charge extremely reasonable prices: from only 25,000 VND.

And lastly, pay attention to which direction you enter the village from. Because the entrance to Cat Cat village has different gates, this will help you save a lot of time.

The tour to Cat Cat village with Hanoilocaltour has stopped here. Does the simple, simple beauty of the village here make your soul flutter? If you come to Cat Cat village, don’t forget to share beautiful photos taken at this place with Hanoilocaltour.