Introducing night tours to explore Ngoc Son Temple on Sword Lake

night tours to explore Ngoc Son Temple

Embark on an immersive journey through the heart of Hanoi’s cultural heritage with the introduction of a captivating nighttime tourism program, proudly presented by Hanoilocaltour. This innovative initiative unfolds the mesmerizing tale of Ngoc Son Temple, nestled on the serene waters of Sword Lake in downtown Hanoi, at the pulse of Vietnam’s rich historical tapestry.

night tours to explore Ngoc Son Temple

Launched at a grand ceremony on January 31, this unique experience harmoniously fuses the ancient architecture of Ngoc Son Temple, a designated special national relic site, with the captivating allure of its associated rituals and folklore. Employing a symphony of sound, light, and cutting-edge projection technology to bring to life the intricate details of Vietnam’s traditional cultural values, creating a spellbinding atmosphere that resonates with the essence of the nation’s heritage.

night tours to explore Ngoc Son TempleScheduled for evenings from Monday to Thursday, starting in February, each tour within this experimental program extends for a leisurely 60 minutes, providing an intimate and enriching encounter with the cultural treasures of Hanoi. With a thoughtful capacity designed for 60 to 70 visitors per tour, guests can fully absorb the enchanting ambiance and historical significance of Ngoc Son Temple.

night tours to explore Ngoc Son TempleDuring the unveiling ceremony, Nguyen Doan Van, the esteemed head of the municipal heritage management board, expressed a hopeful vision. He envisioned that this pioneering program would not only transform the special national relic site of Sword Lake and Ngoc Son Temple into more than mere “resources” but elevate them to become coveted products of the cultural industry. The ultimate goal is to attract a diverse array of tourists, both from within the country and across international borders.

night tours to explore Ngoc Son TempleFor Hanoilocaltour, this visionary program is more than just a tourist attraction; it’s a commitment to fostering a deeper appreciation for Hanoi’s cultural treasures. As Hanoi strives towards its ambitious cultural industry goals, aiming to contribute approximately 5% to its Gross Regional Domestic Product (GRDP) by 2025 and 8% by 2030, Hanoilocaltour emerges as a catalyst for this transformation. By offering an immersive and culturally rich experience, it not only enhances the tourism landscape but also establishes Hanoi as a dynamic and vibrant destination on the global stage. Join us on this enchanting odyssey with Hanoilocaltour and discover the hidden gems of Hanoi’s cultural legacy.