Bus 86 Hanoi City To Noi Bai Airport – Timetable & Stops

Bus 86 Hanoi Stop Lists Hanoi Tour

The bus 86 Hanoi or Bus Express 86 Hanoi from Hanoi railway station to Noi Bai airport is a two-way daily bus, which was launched by Hanoi Transport Corporation Ltd, (Transerco) from 30/04/2016. The bus 86 Hanoi is useful for the airport transfer service with a capacity of 80 passengers and large luggage space. For the best convenience to foreign tourists, the bus assistants can support information for the tourist available in English and Vietnamese. To create the perfect tours, Hanoi Vietnam Local Tour will provide you with the most detailed and newest information about the high-quality bus express 86 Hanoi.

86 New Bus System Hanoi

Bus 86 Hanoi Stops & Map

The Bus Express 86 Hanoi travels from Hanoi Railway Station to Hanoi Noi Bai airport (Terminal 1&2) consisting of more than 8 stops in between. The bus 86 Hanoi costs tourist only 35.000 VND (EUR 1.2) and there is no ticket reservation needed. The ticket is generally purchased from the controller on the bus, and you can pay by cash (Vietnamese currency) or any other type of international card like Visa or Master card.

Bus 86 in Noi Bai Airport Hanoi Tours
Here is the list of stops where tourists can easily catch the bus 86:
• From the Hanoi center to Airport: Hanoi Central Railway Station -> Bus stop opposite the Mekia Hotel -> Hanoi Post Office -> 23 Hang Tre -> Long Bien Transpoint Station (E11) -> Bus stop at intersection Yen Phu -> Bus stop at intersection Au Co – Xuan Dieu -> Au Co – Lac Long Quan (468 Au Co) -> VAECO Company -> International Terminal 1 -> International Terminal 2.
• From airport to the Hanoi center: Terminal 1 -> Terminal 2 -> VAECO Company –> Au Co – Lac Long Quan (523 Au Co str)–> Au Co – Xuan Dieu Stop -> Bus stop at intersection Yen Phu -> Long Bien Transpoint Station -> 142 Tran Quang Khai –> Hanoi Opera House -> Hanoi Melia Hotel -> Hanoi Central Railway Station.

Bus 86 Hanoi Timetables

The Bus Express 86 Hanoi takes about 55 minutes depending on where you want to get off (in normal traffic). In details, this is the timetable of the Bus Express No 86:
Hanoi Railway Station opens at 5:05 and closes at 21:40
Noi Bai International Airport opens at 6:18 and it closes at 22:58
The frequency of bus 86 operation is about 25 – 30 minutes per trip.

Inside Bus 86 Hanoi Station to Noi Bai Airport for Hanoi Day Trip

Tips and Notes for the First Time Hop On Bus 86 Hanoi

If you are the first time users of the bus 86 Hanoi, there stand some notices that you need to know. Although Bus Express No 86 can contain 80 passengers, it has only 25 seats, thus passengers will have to stand during the trip. Especially at the peak time, bus 86 Hanoi will be crowded, so passengers have to pay close attention to their belongings. And there is no restriction regarding baggage allowance on this bus 86. Remember that when you take the bus 86, you have to go up at the front door, get off at the back door to avoid the volume of people going up and down on the same door.

Timetable And Stop Lists of Bus 86 Hanoi Vietnam Tours

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18 thoughts on “Bus 86 Hanoi City To Noi Bai Airport – Timetable & Stops

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Craig,
      If you’re staying at the hotel Kuretakeso 84 Tho Nhuom, you can get off at 40 Ngo Quyen, then take 5-minute walk to get your hotel.
      Hope this information is useful for you.
      Best regards,

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Iyda, thanks for your visiting Hanoi Local Tour.
      To get your hotel at 18 Hang Phen street, the nearest bus stop is at 115 Phung Hung street. Just 3-min walking to get Queen Light Hotel.
      Hope this infor is useful for your trip in Hanoi Vietnam!
      Best regards,

  1. Andrew Ting says:

    Hi, I booked 7S splendid Pearlight Hanoi hotel near St Joseph’s Cathedral. May I know which bus stop shall I get down from airport 86 bus ? And how far to walk to the hotel from that bus stop? Thank you .

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Andrew, thanks for your visiting our site!
      Let’s get down at 75B Dinh Tien Hoang (Hanoi Post Office) and about 10 minute walk to your hotel (800 metres from the bus stop).
      Hope your info is useful for day trip in Hanoi.

      • Andrew says:

        But if from airport direction, bus only stop at opera house .
        Bus will stop at post office station only when return trip from train station. So I just sit in until bus return to post office bus station

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Natalia, thanks for your visiting Hanoi Local Tour.
      The nearest bus stop is 18 & 23 at 167 Phung Hung, Cua Dong, Hoan Kiem. You can get off here and then take a short walk to get Hanoi Centre Hostel.
      Wish you have a nice Hanoi Vietnam trip!

      • Natalia says:

        Thank you very much.. So helpful. Could you suggest a hotel close to the airport but easy to reach by this bus 86 ? As we will have 8 am domestic flight but like to spend an evening before at old quarter. Thanks

        • Tessa Pham says:

          Hi Natalia,
          You can refer my suggestion to suit your wishes. You can use the SleepPod right at the Noi Bai International Airport with the cost basing on your pax & time.
          If stay here, you can spend more time at the Old Quarter and then back to the SleepPod for rest before the flight departure in the next morning.
          The last route of Bus 86 is at 21:40. (If your travel time right at the weekend, note that the bus will pick you at 6C Phan Chu Trinh (Opposite to Hanoi Opera House) instead of 75 Dinh Tien Hoang (Hanoi Post Office)).
          Hope you have awesome time in left days in Hanoi!

  2. Siti says:

    Hi thx for the info. May i know where is the nearest bus stop from DO hotel ( Alley 22 luong ngoc quyen )

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Siti,
      You can get Hanoi Post Office (Buu Dien Bo Ho), the nearest bus stop from DO Hotel to get bus number 09, 02, 86, 36.
      Have a nice trip in Vietnam!

  3. Duo says:

    Hi , thanks for your useful info.
    May I know which stop should I get down if I want to reach Hoan Kiem lake ?

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Duo, thanks for your concern.
      If you want to reach Hoan Kiem Lake, you can get down at Hanoi Post Office (Buu Dien Hoan Kiem Lake).
      Have a nice trip in Vietnam!

    • Tessa Pham says:

      Hi Vikash, bus 32 or 55 will take you to Yen Phu, which is quite near Phuc Xa, Ba Dinh, Hanoi. From here you can walk about 300m to get Phuc Xa.
      Hope this piece of information may be useful.

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