Hanoi People – Lifestyle & Characteristic

Hanoi People - Lifestyle and Characteristic

Experience every ups and downs of the historical flow, Hanoi is proud to be the capital of thousands of years of civilization of Vietnam with the traditional and elite converging. It cannot deniable that Hanoian is the living witnesses of Vietnam history and they are delicate, elegant, and energetic as the thousand-year capital itself. Nowadays Hanoi is one of the fastest-growing cities in South East Asia, that is why there are many changes in Hanoians’ lives leading to a new lifestyle of Hanoi people. Follow Hanoi Local Tour to enter and explore Hanoi People from a blend of past and present.

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Hanoi People in The Past

Hanoi people like the features that are within the Vietnamese standard of beauty, especially women have never broken that rule. Hanoi people always appear with the medium size eyes, nose, mouth, and a lighter skin complexion. This now becomes more popular on the internet and attracts a lot of hungry tourists. This kind of beauty is absolutely different from other Asian country let alone the Western people.
At first sight, tourists will surely be impressed by the ideal woman who governed strictly by the rule of three subordinations and four virtues. Hanoi people, also known as Trang An people, are famous for the long-standing tradition of elegance and courtesy, that is the reason why tourists have been attracted by the typical nature of the Hanoians.
Hanoians are always outgoing and willing to give you a hand whenever you ask. Perhaps the difficult period of hardship together has just been over, they sincerely regard the tranquil time. Many decades ago when Vietnam is in downturns, Hanoi people always prioritize education, thus they send their children to go to school and embrace an opportunity to contribute for the better Vietnam. Knowledge has been gradually completed the young in Hanoi, they are more and more subtle than ever.

Hanoi People in the Past

Hanoi People Nowadays

Vietnam in general and Hanoi, in particular, has undergone the influences of different social standards and values of Confucianism, Communism and some major religions as Buddhism, Catholicism, and also experienced a tremendous social change in recent years. As a result, moral education in Hanoi nowadays stands for many forms and definitions. Despite the fact that Hanoi people are still pure like they used to, but they become more and more outgoing, more subtle than before, they are positive to the integration as well as the overseas friends.
There are two typical things that now make Hanoi people more beautiful in the eyes of international friends:

Hanoi People Nowadays

Clothes of Hanoi People

Concerning clothes, generally, Northerners who are stereotyped to be more formal place a high emphasis on fabulous clothing whilst appearing in public. Hanoi is the ancient capital of Vietnam, it is appropriate to dress formally when living in the same place as the government. The Hanoi people always appear to be more obsessed with beauty, which is less existent in the South or at least it appears like that.

Hanoi people in festive atmosphere of traditional Tet Holiday

Beauty Standards Among Hanoians

It’s amazing that the beauty standards of Hanoi people are more straightforward, and a huge factor in this beauty standard is pale skin, which is more prevalent in the sub-tropical North than it’s in the tropical South. Therefore pale skin is common among Hanoians, and it represents wealth and prosperity, that is why most of the women want white skin, as they want to look more gorgeous and not to be looked down upon.
All in all, we can forcefully say that the beauty of Hanoi people comes from their own simplicity.

Hanoi People in Tet Holiday

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