Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter Hanoi Local Tour

For those who love traveling to explore a different culture and history, Hanoi Old Quarter is definitely the best place to visit in Hanoi. Besides plentiful museums which carry the evolutionary past of Hanoi, Old Quarter with the 36 Old Streets will give you a glimpse of the past.

Features of Hanoi Old Quarter

Centrally located in the dynamic capital where developments and changes take place every minute, Hanoi Old Quarter still keeps its unique characteristic – quaint. Through the years, the winding road system with old-style narrow streets and antique brick houses have somehow remained their origin. For this unique feature, getting around and taking some photos of the Quarter on a cyclo is the most suitable. These things of the past seem to keep a corner of Hanoi out of the flow of time though they still actively try to adapt to the bustle of the modern city.

Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam Local Tour

History of Hanoi Old Quarter

Back to hundreds of years ago, there used to be numerous sections each of which specialized one kind of merchandise. These buying and selling actions were carried out here on many small, meandering streets which were then named after the good specifically traded such as Hang Ma (Paper Product), Hang Go (Wood Product), Hang Bac (Silver Product), and Hang Bong (Cotton product). As many different streets are in the small Old Quarter, first-time visitors always find it easy to get lost. Having no clear direction could be a great chance to wander and enjoy the modest but energetic life of locals in modern day but somehow like a hundred years ago. There you will find nowhere a skyscraper – a symbol of the modern city, a fancy store or a luxurious restaurant; things will get a little bit smaller but by no means, you become bored and long to leave.

History Of Hanoi Old Quarter Vietnam

Despite the fact that the 36 Old Streets in present day do not completely perform the function as they did in the past, some no longer sell the products after which they were named, the Old Quarter as well as the 36 Old Streets are still unique classical features of Hanoi, and source of inspirations to numerous writers, poets, and painters as well as the astonishing tourist destinations in your Hanoi Tours.

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