Hanoi Tourist Attractions – Best Places to Visit in Hanoi

Indulge in Hanoi’s quiver city streets, and tourists will capture the nature of Vietnamese life. Hanoi, the Vietnamese capital, is a developing economic center that still attaches to traditional culture, attempting to be an exhibit of both ancient and innovative Vietnam. The Old Quarter district is hustle & bustle with many street vendor actions, the coffee and restaurants are vibrant scenes, and trying to cross a road here is like playing a kind of risky game. When the crowds begin to wear you down, the capital of Vietnam provides tourists a bundle of sites where tourists can escape for some peace. Sword Lake (Hoan Kiem Lake) is a recreational respite right within Hanoi capital, while the Temple of Literature and Vietnam Museum of Ethnology support the plentiful opportunities to reflect on Vietnam’s grand history. Let Hanoi Local Tour lead you to delve into every corner of Hanoi.