Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

If Hoan Kiem Lake with special green water and the red iconic bridge named The Huc is considered as the symbol of a charming ancient city, Long Bien  Bridge, appealing attraction in Hanoi, may be seen as the icon of courageous capital in wars. This unique architecture everlasting time to time together with every ups and downs of Hanoi, Long Bien Bridge is also one of the symbols of the city for peace. Your Hanoi Tour to explore Long Bien Bridge surely leaves good impressions in minds.

History of Long Bien Bridge

Connecting two banks of Red River, linking Bong Bien district and Hoan Kiem District, Long Bien Bridge is the first longest steel-made bridge retaining the splendid architectural style in Vietnam in the early of 20th century, which was built by the French (1898-1902). The bridge has attached with many memories of the citizens in the heart of Vietnam when witnessing the panoramic picture about the history of Hanoi. Despite more than a hundred years of age, the bridge is nowadays still in use and becomes one of the most superb tourist attractions in Hanoi alluring numerous both domestic and international tourists to delve into.

More than 100 years of wars, Long Bien Bridge is the witness and also the victim in the bombardments of the American army in 1967, 1972, that is why a lot of spans were destroyed. However, the left spans still remain today, which reminds us of an unforgettable past. Hence, Long Bien Bridge is not only a fundamental traffic construction, a typical architecture, but also a real historical relic.History of Long Bien Bridge

Construction of Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge, one of the famous bridges in Hanoi, started its construction in September 1898 and it finished after 3 years 7 months. The initial name of Long Bien Bridge was “Doumer Bridge”, the name of Governor-General of French Indochina at that time. Nowadays, the bridge still remains the metal plaque engraved “1899 – 1902 – Dayde & Pille – Paris” on the head of the bridge.

Long Bien Bridge includes 20 piers and bridge abutment with the depth of 30 m and 13.5 m in height. The construction of 2 roads on both sides and a railway in the middle seem the most prominent of the bridge. Instead of hiring Chinese workers like before, the ingenuity and subtle Vietnamese workers directly assembled metal components, operated cranes… under the professional instruction of French engineers.

There are more than 5,300 tonnes of French steel, cement produced in Hai Phong, wood from Thanh Hoa, and over 30,000 m3 stone from many parts throughout Vietnam to create Long Bien Bridge as we see today. With a length of 1,682 m and about 896 m long of approaching the bridge, Long Bien bridge is divided into 9 frames with 61 m in length of each, and it is the first bridge of the railway route running through Indochina and Hanoi – Hai Phong route as well. Particularly, steels used on Long Bien Bridge is the same with steel creating the famous Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. As a result, discover the unique architecture and heroic history of the bridge will surely one of the most fascinating things to see in Hanoi.Construction of Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge Visitor Guide 

Nowadays, Long Bien Bridge is the only one of five bridges crossing the Red River, but it may be the most special bridge with its own unique historic and cultural value. Long Bien Bridge is the only bridge in Vietnam’s capital where the riders have to go in the left side, and especially tourists can stroll along the bridge and taste mouthwatering desserts offered by the vendors.

Many Hanoians and also visitors coming to Hanoi said that Long Bien Bridge is the ideal place to look at sunrise as well as sunset, of course, taking the myriad of wonderful photos. Moreover, the bridge is the perfect background that many couples choose to save their nice wedding albums due to its historical construction and breathtaking scenery. Besides couples, Long Bien Bridge is always on the list of Hanoi destinations that the young want to keep their memories of youth on the old bridge.

Time flies, Long Bien becomes the oldest bridge in Hanoi and shares every walk of life with Hanoians in silently. If you have a chance to visit Hanoi, a city for peace, do not forget to take on Long Bien Bridge to feel every pace of life in an old corner of Hanoi, delve into peaceful moments at the present and memorable past.Long Bien Bridge Visitor Guide

How to Get Long Bien Bridge

There have two options for tourists visiting Hanoi which are:
• Rent a motorbike to travel here and remember to go on the life side of the bridge
• Walk from the center of Hanoi to Long Bien Bridge (Just more than 1 km from the Old Quarter to the bridge)