Hanoi at Glance – 3 Days

Welcome to Hanoi – the heart of Vietnam, the city of peace, antiqueness, and dynamism. Hanoi is located in the center of the Red River Delta. The beautiful capital of a resistant nation has gone through the ups and downs of the historical journey that may be different from any cities you have ever visited in the world. Do not be surprised by the endless honk of scooters around the streets and the colorful street vendors at every corner. Let your heart bewitched by the fascinating as well as the charm of the ancient city that is vibrant at day and night time. From the early morning until midnight, Hanoi offers you myriads of things to do, see, and taste. Regardless of the chaotic Old Quarter to the historical heritage such as the Ho Chi Minh Complex, the Temple of Literature, the Presidential Palace, also enchants your heart by its own gorgeousness. Ready to go with the Vietnam local tour agency?